Inspired Exhibit

  • Strawberry Moon, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 36x12, $750
  • Dancing In the Moonlight, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 12x24, $450
  • Fairy Tree, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 5x7, $45 SOLD
  • Transpiration, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 11x14, $150
  • Flower Language, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 6x6, $65
  • Vision Of The Peacock, Amy Drago, Acrylic, $350
  • Winter Sea, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 8x8, $85
  • The Mystic's Dream, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 9x12, $115
  • The Sea Speaks, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 6x6, $65
  • The Tranquil Sea, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 6x6, $65
  • Summer Solstice, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 6x6, $65
  • The Speaking Land, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 4x4, $38
  • The Calm, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 4x4, $38
  • Song Of Yearning, Amy Drago, Mixed Media, 14x11, $135
  • Serenity, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 4x4, $38
  • Sanguine Moon, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 20x10, $385
  • Prayer Plant, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 16x20, $395
  • Sacred Breath, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 12x24, $375
  • Orchid Forest, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 24x24, $450
  • Nature's Grace, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 4x4, $38
  • Mountain Mist, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 4x4, $38
  • Mountain Dance, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 24x18, $300
  • Moon Flower, Amy Drago, Watercolor, 8x8, $65
  • Immersion, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 20x16, $350
  • Glowing Land, Amy Drago, Oil, 36x12, $750
  • Flower Of Joy, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 4x4, $38
  • Desert Peace, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 12x12, $135
  • Dancing Sun, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 6x6, $65
  • Cradle Of Peace, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 4x4, $38
  • Birth Essence, Amy Drago, Acrylic, 24x30, $590
  • Blue Spring, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 21x25, $350 SOLD
  • Pear Flowers, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 16x20, $250
  • White Tulips In The Garden, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 15x12, $100
  • White Roses In The Garden, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 15x12, $100
  • Tulips On The Table, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 15x12, $150
  • The Tulips In The Spring, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 15x12, $150
  • Red Roses In the Garden, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 15x12, $100
  • Pink Rose, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 12x15, $150
  • Autumn Lotus, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor On Silk, 15x15, $350
  • Lotus On Silk, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor On Silk, 12x12, $300
  • Carrot Leaves, Yujuan Zhai, Watercolor, 12x12, $300

Studio 33 Art & Frame Gallery presents “Inspired”, an art exhibit opening May 5, 2022-July 2, 2022. A two woman show featuring the work of local artists Amy Hunter Drago and Yujuan “Juner” Zhai. Amy’s art is inspired by Mother Nature. Her acrylic and watercolor paintings, poetry, photography, and gemstone jewelry – which is beautifully presented in hand painted boxes – are impressions of her spiritual connection to nature. Amy states: I have always loved being in nature because it is one of the few places where I am somehow the most wholly myself and the most distant from being earth-bound at the same time.”, “The style I choose to depict this feeling is impressionistic; impressionism and abstraction, like looking through the interpreted reality of an artist’s whim and intention, provide an undeniable connection to the spiritual world.” Yujuan Zhai is an Artist/Educator and Master Calligrapher, specializing in the techniques and styles of Chinese watercolor paintings on silk, rice paper, and watercolor paper. Yujuan states, “Being an artist is to use your hands to describe the seemingly ordinary but beautiful moments in life, to use your eyes to help others discover details they cannot see, and to record your feelings in your unique way.”, “The Art of the East requires unity and coordination because its people are deeply influenced by Buddhism, they are humble and implicit.”, “Education is a tree that shakes another tree. The cloud pushes another cloud, one soul awakens another soul.”

The opening of the show coincides with the Downtown New London Associations Eat In The Street – Cinco de Mayo Event on May 5th in downtown New London. Studio 33 is offering a 15% discount on anything that is the color red in the store for the duration of the event!

Wed-Fri 10:00 to 4:00, Sat: 10:00 to 3:00. In the heart of the Historic Waterfront District Heritage Trail, New London, CT, 140 Bank St. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Alignable. Phone 860-442-6355, Visit :, Email:


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