Watercolor Reflections – Ruth Lyford Sussler – Extended Exhibit

Ruth L. Sussler (Feb 1928 – Sep 2020), at her home in New London, CT, surrounded by her life’s work as a visual artist

It is with great sadness that Studio 33 Art & Frame Gallery extends our condolences to the Sussler family in the loss of Ruth L. Sussler (26 Feb 1928 – 15 Sep 2020). Ruth was an amazingly talented artist, sensitive to her subject matter. We presently are showing a body of her matted watercolors, in a variety of sizes and subjects, and we are extending the current exhibit, both in the gallery and online at our website and our Studio 33 Facebook page, as a memorial tribute, so all may enjoy her work. Ruthie Sussler leaves quite a footprint for years to come. – Sara Munro, Owner

“I weave threads of pigment and light, it’s how I capture a moment in time. My paintings seize glimpses of the world around us, I wish my viewers to walk away with a sense of joy about the subject I have painted. I paint in a primitive, illustrative style, hoping my paintings can be used to tell a story.” – Ruth L. Sussler

Ruth L. Sussler, b. Feb 1928, Chicago, IL – d. Sep 2020, New London, CT – 20th/21st C. Visual Artist. Landscapes, portraits, still-life, oil and watercolor painting, drawings and greeting card designs by commission, out of portfolio and studio since 1950. As a child I studied art at the knee of my father Philip Lyford, commercial artist. In 1944, I completed a summer fellowship at Black Mountain College studying under Josef Albers and Jean Charlot. Graduated from Bennington College with a visual arts major in 1950.

`uSolo and Duo shows:
New London Maritime Society Custom House Museum, New London, Connecticut, 2013
Hygienic Art, New London, Connecticut, 2007
Retrospective, Mystic Art Association, Mystic, Connecticut, 2003
“Upclose, Nearby, Afar: a 50 year Retrospective”, The Burnished Chariot Gallery, New London, Connecticut, 2000
“Fashion From Snippets: Cloth Dolls and Paper Collages”, Lyman Allyn Art Museum, 1991
Slater Museum, Norwich Connecticut, 1965, 1981, 1985
Mystic Art Association, Mystic Connecticut, 1957,1965,1990
John Slade Ely House, New Haven Connecticut, 1978
Morris Gallery, Waverly Place, New York, New York, 1960

Group Shows:
Invitational, “Bringing Art to the Research Environment”, Pfizer, Inc., Groton, Connecticut, 1997,1998,1999Invitational, Woman Painters of Connecticut, Slater Museum, Norwich, Connecticut, 1994Invitational, 80th Anniversary Show, Mystic Art Association, 1993Invitational, “The Artist Sees New London”, Lyman Allyn Art Museum, 1991 Invitational, “Art for Children”, Slater Museum, curated by Joseph Gualtieri, 1991 Slater Museum: Annual Connecticut Artist juried, theme and invitational shows, 1960-2007Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, Connecticut: Lions Gallery of the Senses, Artists’ Toys, 1984
Collectors Corner, 1956Mystic Art Association Artist Member’s regional, juried, and invitational shows, 1957-2007Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London, ConnecticutDe Cordova Museum, Lincoln, MassachusettsSilvermine Guild of Artists, Norwalk, Connecticut
American Federation of Arts touring USA College Art, curated by Bartlett Hayes, 1950

  • Andromeda, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 18x14, $195
  • Floral Sunshine, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 12x16, $165
  • Interior Still Life, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x24, $300
  • Azalea Blaze, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 14x18, $195
  • Pineapple & Lemon, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 14x18, $195
  • Tea Cups & Jars, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x16, $235
  • Open Books - Peach, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x16, $235
  • Shell Collection, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 30x24, $375
  • Lupine, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 14x18, $195
  • Pequot Avenue, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x16, $235
  • Hillside Landscape, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x16, $235
  • Hillside Houses, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x16, $235
  • Onions & Garlic, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 16x20, $235
  • Bright Puffs, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 14x18, $195
  • Pomegranate, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 16x20, $235
  • Blue Floral, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 16x20, $235
  • Bottles - Brown & Blue, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 16x20, $235
  • Vase & Fruit Still Life, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 16x20, $235
  • Fragrant Narcisus, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, $195
  • Tree Forest, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 14x18, $195
  • Harkness Arches, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x16, $235
  • Christmas Red Cactus, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 12x16, $165
  • Sunflower, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 14x18, $195
  • Floral Burst
  • Three Little Goldfish, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 12x16, $165
  • Blue Ginger Jar, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 16x20, $235
  • Spring Tulips, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 12x16, $165
  • Open Books - Blue, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x16, $235
  • Jade, Ruth Sussler, Watercolor, 20x16, $235

Ruth L. Sussler Obituary: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/theday/obituary.aspx?n=ruth-lyford-sussler&pid=196804318

Wed – Sat: 10:00 to 3:00, Appointments Available. Certified by State of Connecticut for Covid-19 Prevention. In the heart of the Historic Waterfront District Heritage Trail, New London, CT, 140 Bank St. Phone: 860-442-6355, Visit: www.studio33gallery.com, Email:  studio33gallery@gmail.com. Find us on Alignable, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook

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